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Paper Airplane Designs – From Basic to Advanced

Whether you are just a kid with a passion for flying paper airplanes, or you are a professional pilot, you will be able to learn more about the designs that have paved the way for many people’s dream of flying through the sky. These designs are not only fun, but they are also quite useful.

First paper airplane flown at Kitty Hawk by the Wright brothers

Those who have an interest in aviation may be interested in learning about from basic to advanced paper airplane designs. The use of paper in aircraft design has become increasingly popular, and the innovations in aerodynamics that resulted from the development of these models have led to the development of new flying devices.

There are two leading designers in modern paper airplane design. These designers are Professor Ninomiya of Japan, and South African Professor E.H. Mathews. Both have created a range of advanced and innovative paper airplane designs.

The Wright Brothers were inspired to pursue their flight experiments after learning from the research of German aviator Otto Lilienthal. After Lilienthal’s death in 1899, the brothers decided to continue their flight research. They built their first airplane using bolts and wood, but their first flight was with lightweight paper wings.

The brothers discovered that control could be achieved by warping the flight surfaces. These experiments led to more refined aileron and elevator control surfaces.

Longest hang time

Whether you are looking to set a new record or to just try your hand at paper airplane designs, you should know what makes a successful paper plane. The basic factors include predictability, weight, and flight path. Some paper aircraft have unusual flight paths and require a lot of skill to fly. Generally, the best paper planes are heavy and launch fast.

Japanese businessman Takuo Toda has achieved the longest paper airplane hang time. He tossed his plane from a weather balloon, and after flying 40 kilometers away from the launch site, it circled back to earth. He hopes to break the 30 second barrier someday.

The Guinness World Record for the highest paper airplane launch is 35 km. Moreover, John Collins, known as The Paper Airplane Guy, holds the world record for the furthest thrown paper airplane. His plane flew 226 feet, 10 inches.

Another paper airplane design, the Swallow, is very easy to fold and flies well. It is shaped like a bird of prey, but can be modified for more speed and distance.